About CDD

Since Creative Development Department (CDD) has founded in 2004, it has been playing an important role in professional consultation for the city’s cultural industry policies. These valuable services have benefited the planning and execution of cultural policies.
As a result of the single platform of the Taipei Film Commission was praised for effective services and inter-bureau coordination by domestic and international circles, CDD referred to this mechanism in latest professional transformations in April 2009.
The purpose of CDD is hoped to coordinate to perform the counseling of the cultural and creative industry and provide a single industrial service platform for consulting, financial counseling, investment deals, international market expansion and personnel training courses.
By means of the integration of various government departments and non-governmental organizations, we foster the development of cultural industries in the city. This year, with the new operation of the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park , we wish to make the park an original base for cultural and creative industries in Taipei.

CDD Organization

The Creative Development Department is divided into the following units according to its diverse duties :
Operation Management Unit, Field Activities Unit, Exhibition Planning Unit, Marketing Promotion Unit and Administration Unit.

Our goals are as follows

Fostering and Planning of Cultural and Creative Industries

As a single counseling and service platform, CDD assists cultural and creative businesses to improve their operational capabilities. Services of Investment and financing assist cultural and creative businesses in obtaining government resources such as funds and investments. By means of holding seminars, workshops, consulting services, lectures and mutual exchanges, CDD offers relevant knowledge and assistance for operations and management of cultural and creative businesses.

Service for the International Market Expansion for Cultural and Creative Industries

Assist the Taiwanese creative industries to promote their works on the international and Chinese market; facilitate face to face negotiations between cultural and creative businesses and foreign buyers, and build an international image of Taiwan’s cultural and creative brands.

Marketing Promotion

Plan the integrated marketing program of CDD; foster the cooperation between the arts and enterprises; promote activities and enhance the image of CDD.

Operation Management of the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park

Hold various artistic, cultural and creative activities; liven up the buildings of the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park; organize exhibitions and promote the awareness of the park through cultural and artistic activities; promote the development of cultural and creative industries and make the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park an original base for Taipei’s cultural and creative industry.